U2 & Luciano Pavarotti – Miss Sarajevo

Dici che il fiume

Trova la via al mare

E come il fume

Giungerai a me

Oltre i confini

E le terre assetate

Didi che come il fiume

Come il fiume…

L’amore giungerà


E non so più pregare

E nell’amore non so più sperare

E quell’amore non so più aspettare

You say that the river

Finds its way to the sea

And like the river

You will come to me

Beyond the borders

And the dry lands

You say that like the river

Like the river…

Love will come


And I no longer pray

And I no longer hope for love

And love no longer waits


“Miss Sarajevo” was the first and only commercially released single from the Passengers album Original Soundtracks 1. A second single, “Your Blue Room” was readied, and promotional copies were released, but a commercial single never materialized—possibly due to the low performance of the album and the first single. Passengers was a group made up of all four members of U2, along with Brian Eno and a variety of guest artists (listed on promotional materials as “extra passengers”). Eno took on a much bigger role for Original Soundtracks 1 than he had on previous U2 albums, actively participating in writing and performing in addition to production work. Because the group was dubbed Passengers, the album received considerably less notice than a typical U2 release might have. “Miss Sarajevo” featured a guest vocalist, Luciano Pavarotti. The Italian tenor had been asking Bono for a song for a while, and when “Miss Sarajevo” was being developed the band felt that it would be a perfect opportunity to bring Pavarotti in to sing. The title and lyrics of the song refer to a beauty pageant held in war-torn Sarajevo.



Ramin Djawadi for the Westworld Soundtrack

“Exit Music (For a film)” [Originally composed and produced by Radiohead]

Wake from your sleep

The drying of your tears

Today we escape, we escape

Pack and get dressed

Before your father hears us

Before all hell breaks loose

Excerpt from

Radiohead was in the middle of their 1996 tour when they were approached by director Baz Luhrmann to record a song meant for his upcoming film, Romeo + Juliet.

The band was shown the final thirty minutes of the film and were instantly driven to inspiration. According to Thom Yorke, “When we saw the scene in which Claire Danes holds the Colt .45 against her head, we started working on the song immediately.”

The result was “Exit Music (For A Film)”, a chillingly gentle song that bursts into a haunting crescendo of emotion. Because of its inclusion on OK Computer, it was withheld from the film’s soundtrack and instead a remix of “Talk Show Host” took its place.

Appropriately, the song plays during the film’s closing credits.